Vision Board: Warming Up To Fall

Today I bring you a vision board of some darling ways to cozy up your home for fall (all of which have budget conscious do-it-yourself alternatives!):

1. Houndstooth rug- instantly change the look of your room from summer to fall with this dapper classic. For the do-it-yourself-ers simply take a houndstooth stencil or freehand the pattern on a paint drop cloth or plain fabric runner for instant panache.

2. Over sized Knit Throw- Nothing warms up a space and provokes a need to read by the fireplace like an over sized knit. For a fun activity to keep you occupied on those especially cool or rainy fall days you can buy a pattern and knit your own!

3. Votive Candles- Nothing says fall like a nice bon fire...so, bring the ambiance inside with you as you cozy up with your new knit throw and fill the room with the magic flicker of candles. Select all white (non scented) candles in various sizes and widths and cluster them together on your table, fireplace hearth or mantle along with an array of glass vases and hurricane jars filled with floating votives...the layered feel will add depth and warmth to the ambiance of the atmosphere and the glass and water will catch the light and send a captivating glow throughout the room.

4.Paper Leaf Wreath- Not into fake silk flowers and leaves and not into gathering up real ones that crumble and fade within 3 days? Approach your wreath with a creative edge this year and compose your own out of artfully drawn and crafted paper and fabric leaves.

5. Artfully Painted Pumpkins- Who says pumpkins have to be orange and have to have a crooked black face on them to designate fall? Create beautiful decor for your table scape or front stoop with a gourd, a steady hand, and some craft paint. Paint your pumpkins white or metallic gold and then scrape off patterns with a toothpick or layer on designs with dimensional paint dabs. The pumpkins will be sure to coordinate with your decor, set a tone of sophistication, and last well past the Holiday ghouls and ghosts into the Thanksgiving stir.

6. Blood Red Sunflowers- Bring the fiery red's and orange's of the changing leaves outside to your kitchen counter with a simple glass vase full of blood red sunflowers. Place some yellow sunflowers in water dyed with red food coloring to get a similar look- the stems will absorb the color slowly changing the petals from yellow to red.

7. Twigs and Branches- For a modern alternative (or allergy conscious alternative) to floral arrangements simple gather up large and unique bundles of crooked and winding branches and prop them up in your foyer in modern glass vases. You can go totally minimalistic with this with a bare branch- focusing on shape, height, and texture, or you can remain festive and select a branch with leaves or berries still attached.

8. Tartan- Tartan is without a doubt my favorite pattern for fall. It somehow recalls a sense of leaf covered cobblestones winding a path up towards an English ivy league university come autumn. I love mixing tartans together- pay no attention to color or pattern or fear of "clashing" and simply mix them all...it will create an incredibly chic and effortless appeal. Take tartan throws and blankets and fold and tuck them into the curves of your sofa or lounge chair, drape them over the end of a chaise lounge or ottoman, or simply stack several together in a side chair for guests to freely cozy up with.

9. Pantone- Finally, this year's fall Pantone colors combine honeysuckle, the color of the year, with deep teals, coffee, bamboo, orchid, and phlox. Your fall color pallet doesn't have to be limited to orange, yellow, brown, and dashes of red and mossy green. Venture off and combine your traditional fall colors with deep wines and bordeaux's, rich jewel tones, aged and patinaed metallic, and, of course, any of the Pantone fall colors.

Cuddle Up With Your Cider,

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