Thanksgiving Tablescapes: English & Equestrian

Today's tablescape serves to demonstrate, yet again, how Thanksgiving (or any holiday decor for that matter) doesn't have to be limited to the stereotypical cliches of brown and orange and leaves and ceramic turkeys (although there is nothing necessarily wrong with that it just doesn't express personality like going out of the box to scape your table to fit YOU). Today's table demonstrates how to take a theme of a hobby or interest or something you love, in this case riding horses, and translate that into holiday decor that is sentimental, meaningful, and evokes warm and fuzzy memories of your childhood passions.


This darling, much like myself, spent her summers growing up riding horses in the countryside. She feels most alive when the wisps of wind catch in her hair as she gallops into the brisk fall sunrise. The warm smell of hay evokes sentiments of her childhood and comforts her heart. She is refined and sophisticated raised with manners and poise. She isn't afraid to get her hands dirty and work hard but always ensures her nails are clean and her hair is perfectly coiffed upon returning home for an evening soiree. She gravitates towards classic, timeless, chic, and preppy but isn't afraid to throw in unexpected elements to amp up her personal style. She relishes in the beauty and patina of all things vintage and believes that everything and everyone has a wonderfully compelling story to share, which she is eager to hear over a glass of sweet tea.


Her fall/Thanksgiving scape is founded on a classic hunter green and navy tartan with pops of rust. Vintage trophy cups, mercury glass candlesticks, and other distressed jars and vases serve as the centerpiece and are filled with wild and unbridled berries, figs, dahlias, stems, and green foliage. Pheasant chargers serve as the foundation for artistic and organic metallic "tree ring" and studded plates. Equestrian inspired flatware, monogrammed stemware, and vintage silver julep cups polish off the look while ribbon place holders identify each setting.
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Refined and Hot to Trot,

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