Thanksgiving Tablescapes: Joyous and Jewel Toned

Today's tablescape is inspired by the rich and ritzy facets and royal hues of jewels..

This Thanksgiving table scape is fit for a fabulously stylish and regal soiree. This setting is hand crafted for the type of women who are assured in their beauty and femininity and walk with their head high their posture poised and their aura subtly confident. This gem of a darling is dashing and dramatic while simultaneously coy and cunning. She stands back in awe and takes time to admire the careful construction and details of the world around her much like admiring the setting of the gorgeous vintage jewels she wears. Her world is richly saturated with color, her approach to life is as deep and meaningful and full of beauty as the intensity of the hues that surround her. Everything is effortless from her wardrobe to her home because she surrounds herself with intricately detailed treasures that are as intimately meaningful as they are intently beautiful. 


 This festive table scape starts with a blanket of luscious mustard gold (faux) raw silk lined with jewel toned mercury glass tumblers in an array of hues filled with gold roses, deep burgundy peonies, berries, dahlias, and an assortment of other luxurious florals, cabbages, and vegetation in shades of gold, red, plum, purple, orange, and royal blue. Vibrant floral Orangerie fabric serves as the base for each place setting and is topped with hammered and rope trimmed gold chargers, ornate gold plates, antiqued gold flatware, and faceted and jeweled stemware. To polish and personalize the regality and aura of gold, gilded fig bud vases mark each setting and are filled with various florals.

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Relish In Regality Fit For The Royal,

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