Holiday Gift Guide: The Intellectual

We've been having some brief computer malfunctions but, fortunately we are back up and running! (Knock on wood)...maybe this techie gal could have helped:

The intellectual darling always has her nose in a book. She loves to read, to write, to examine, to think, to solve problems. She passionately tells you of all her new discoveries whether that be regarding a math problem she finally solved, a mysterious novel plot she finally decoded, or a haiku poem she just wrote. She excels in her studies and is often found solving puzzles, riddles, sudoku, and crosswords for fun. Her mind is constantly reeling and her observant and investigative nature is her charm. Despite her intellectual tendencies she brings grace and elegance, style and charm, unknowingly, to all of her efforts and exploratory excursions. Her stocking stuffer gift guide is filled with stylish notebooks, journals, and agendas to record her thoughts and ploys and witty accessories that hint at her favorite places and things.


Happy Shopping,

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