Holiday Gift Guide: The Prepster

Today starts our December series holiday gift guides. I have searched and scoured and compiled themed lists and suggestions for each and every personality type I could think of in your life in hopes to bring you new resources or ideas for meaningful gifts to give this season that will hit home with every one's distinct likes and interests and surely show them how much you care by how attentive you are (wink, wink). I have tried to keep all items listed in each "themed" category under $100 dollars and tried to focus them towards home good items and accessories (since this is an interiors based blog), techie trinkets for home offices/work, and a few fashion accessories for stocking stuffer ideas. Remember, this is not the end all be all. These ideas can serve as a reference to get the creative juices flowing. For instance, still scraped for money and not willing to drop $75 on a pillow for your cousin as seen below? Well maybe you could sew a pillow or get a cheaper one and monogram it at a mall kiosk to create your own version...just saying...let these serve as your inspiration, a "vision board" if you will, and build off of that.

Today we are starting out with the prepster. Many of us, especially here in the south, have a darling dear like this somewhere along the family or friend line up (my little sister comes to mind, instantaneously). This gal loves all things Lilly Pulitzer and Ralph Lauren, pines for summers spent boating by the shore (with her boating shoes and outfit), loves a crisp collared shirt, swears by a cluster of pearls with anything and everything- even T-shirts, sips her sweet tea and diet coke with a straw, will never be seen with a cracked or chipped manicure (or a manicure that is not a shade of pink), has a closet full of cardigans, and wears her monogram proudly like a family crest.


Branching out of the typical clothing article or gift certificate go-to's here are some unique gift suggestions for this darling that are sure to bring a sweet southern smile to her pearly whites: 

Happy Shopping,

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