Out of the Closet: Outfit to Room Inspiration

You have heard it time and time again- fashion is a means by which to express your personality to the outside world...to make a daring statement about who you are...to wow them with your ingenious finesse and witty combinations of stylish prints and patterns. Because fashion is so inherently expressive of YOU it is likewise intrinsically intermittent with interior design. Your home should express YOU to a t...much like your wardrobe. So, being said, if you are struggling with where to begin when designing your apartment or home look no further than your favorite outfit...you know the one...the no fail go get 'em get up that sparkles and shines and hugs you in all the right places...the one that makes your eyes really pop and your legs look super long and skinny...the one that features all of your favorite colors and all your favorite trends...the one that pretty much defines who you are and sums you up in one impeccably savvy, head turning, runway strut...use that as your starting point and build your room/space around the same fundamental elements....colors, textures, patterns, themes, styles, textiles, combinations...and soon enough you will be lounging in the luxury of a world that is inherently YOU.

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Remember: YOU define what your style is,


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