Hello and happy 2012 darling readers! Terribly sorry again for my absence this holiday season BUT I am finally back after a much needed hiatus to blogging and business as usual! At the risk of being totally cliche for our first post of this new year here are a list of creative minded and work centric resolutions I am aiming for this go round. You see, during my much needed break and near mental break down from technology failures and mounting stresses I came to realize some flaws in my operations and approaches for my business/blog in 2011. I gave in and became part of the "machine." All creative minds out there and bloggers will know what I am talking about...you become so overstressed you enter into autopilot mode just to get by, you fall into a rut of "inspiration seeking" via the Internet/magazines/blogs/Pinterest and soon enough all of your ideas and projects look oddly similar to or stem from your "vision boards" of well known publications...or, even more of a cop out, are simply a picture of something pretty that has a caption that says wow this is so great looking....no crap, Sherlock....you loose sight of YOUR creative vision and settle into stealth copy cat mode because recreating or re blogging what has already been done...in your own words of course...enables you to "get stuff done" and cross it of your to-do list without having to search the depths of your mind or to internally explore your emotions and creative insights and inklings or debate on the "does this work?" mental back and forth and trial and error....which is the ESSENCE of design. Sometimes we become so a part of that "machine" that we rob ourselves of that essence...the je ne sais quoi of what makes us tick and in doing so loose the ability to fully express and convey the potential of our visions....we loose our ability to design...to create. Also, once entering into "machine" mode we I loose sight of something vital and important to being self employed....MYSELF. All of a sudden I'm working out less or more sporadically, drinking less water and more coffee, leggings are my work suit de jour, taking time to do my hair is replaced with the ever popular {and occasionally chic} lazy day top knot, nails are chipped from frantically paced typing, makeup is minimal and utilitarian....I let go and let work take over and consume. Then I think to myself, "How much more confident would I feel? Productive would I be? Optimistically would I project? What innovations would I zone in on.... if I prioritized ME as much as I prioritize clients/emails/paperwork/accounts/ etc.?" After all, my business is ME. So, my resolutions for this fresh new start seek to do just that. To take care of every aspect of the job including the boss/CEO/founder/employee of the month, month after month...yours truly. As well as to revamp the way I approach my creative endeavors....WITH CREATIVITY...more of ME ... more concentration on what my mind can create with more organic {and less glossy magazine rack} inspirations. I finally feel recharged, refreshed, and revamped for a fabulous 2012.


What are your resolutions?

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