Divine Dijon

Oh, how I long to spend my days draped in the most decadent dijon of shades
Sunshine filled billows of soft chiffon cascade and pool in ethereal illuminated ponds
Gracefully wisping and catching the air
Subtle sheen and beads catch the light and evoke an effortlessly glamorous savoir faire
Illuminating warmth and radiating bliss
The joyous color of smiles too audacious and daring to miss
Wrapped, gathered, pleated, and pulled to a most dramatic silhouette
An effortless design fit for a Greek goddess fĂȘte.




But, alas, seeing as I have no upcoming events that require regal asymmetrical evening gowns, head to toe beading, or a theatrical train...perhaps I will settle for some voluminous silk curtains that are equally cheery and breathtakingly bright dijon:


Never underestimate or compromise on the potential for resplendence and stately details in the everyday-
Bask in all things glamorous,

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