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An office, in a corporate setting or at home (especially at home), should be a sanctuary. A haven for creativity, inspiration, motivation, proactive-ness, efficiency, comfort, intellectual processing, problem solving, idea projecting...it should be a setting that you enjoy being in because, well, you are going to be there a vast percentage of your week. Your office should be built upon layers. Layers of the necessary and operational organization, technology, efficiency, ergonomics, filing, processing, order, and should ALWAYS ALWAYS ALWAYS contribute layers of personal style and taste, beauty, creativity, calm inducing creativity, nature, and aesthetically pleasing textures and visual cues.

My top tips to make your office your own?

Beautiful lighting whether lamp, sconce, or chandelier- nothing sets the tone for a great day at the office like a beautifully lit desk...harsh flourescents are such a buzz kill.

Bright artwork, and bold, concentrated, and impactful jolts of color

Layers and layers of patterns and something living (whether potted plant, fern, fresh flowers, succulent...) 

Dramatic curtains and furniture silhouettes- who says cubicle furniture is required for a cubicle or that office furniture has to come from Office Max? 

Focal walls. While sitting at your desk all day you are going to need something to distract you from your work and something aesthetically pleasing to stare at while you procrastinate....so why not boldly stripe your wall and layer interesting architectural prints for a true treat for the eyes? 

Some glitz and glam. Whether via a chandelier, etagerie, picture frame, desk accessories, or nail head chair trim every office needs a hefty dash of glamour. A subtle and sophisticated helping of sparkle and shine will leave you feeling confident, cunning, and powerful in your womanhood as you mark things off the to-do list one by one and will set the tone for a less than corporate feeling day at work. 

Work, Work, Work, All Day Long,

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  1. These are very useful tips, thanks very much for sharing. The pictures are great at providing numerous inspiration and ideas too!


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