101 in 1001

I was inspired to do this after reading Sarah's over at Live in Imagination . I have seen it on several other blogs I follow such as Design Darling as well and the basic premise is this: Complete 101 preset and predefined tasks in 1001 days (roughly 2 3/4 years). The tasks on the list must be specific with a result that can either be measured or clearly defined. The tasks must also be realistic but should challenge you to grow and exert some degree of effort to accomplish. I am all about some to-do lists so I was super excited at the idea of setting goals of things that will help me grow as a person, be a blessing to others, and explore my creative outlets that I might not otherwise seek out to accomplish.I invite you to follow with me on this journey and maybe even start one of your own. I have finally come up with my list (this is so much harder than it sounds) and here it is in no particular order:

Start Date: July 9, 2011
End Date: April 5, 2014

1. Read the Bible from cover to cover in 120 days
2. Wear my hair straight for 1 month
3.Write a letter to a long lost friend
4. Have a 1 day adventure by myself
5. Paint an oil painting again
6. Start a custom pillow line
7. Send a gift to someone for no reason
8. Have coffee with someone I haven't seen/spoken to in years
9. Send someone flowers for no reason
10. Join an e-group at my church, Elevation
11. Treat myself to a bouquet of my favorite flowers
12. Write a poem and have it framed
13. Write a letter to each member of my family stating why I love them
14. Don't buy any new clothes/accessories for 3 months
15. Start training for and complete a half marathon
16. Design/sew a new dress
17. Help my mom redo her kitchen cabinets
18. Help my dad construct a patio/fire pit
19. Start a journal of only inspirational quotes
20. Reread 5 American classic novels
21. Help someone in need anonymously
22. Write down something I'm blessed/ thankful for for 365 days
23. Start my own business
24. Frame pictures for a wall collage of loved ones, paintings, photographs, loved things
25. Start collecting vintage candlesticks (preferably with Matt)
26. Take shag dancing lessons (also preferably with Matt)
27. Visit Melissa in Hawaii
28. Write an article for a well known online publication
29.Take a picture of something that inspires me everyday for 365 days
30. Send a care package to someone
31. Invent my own signature/world famous recipe
32. Compile all my mom's/grandma's/meme's/ favorite magazine recipes into my own recipe box
33. Buy something special/sentimental for my future home
34. Make something special/sentimental for my future home
35. Spend a day riding horses again
36.Do something drastic to alter my "look"
37. Wear red lipstick during the day for 1 week
38. Start collecting hats
39. Get pictures taken of me and Matt
40. Dance to 1 song every Friday for 1 year
41. Hike part of the Blue Ridge Parkway
42. Relearn calligraphy
43. Write something in calligraphy to frame
44. Volunteer 1 day a month for 1 year
45. Apologize to someone for an unresolved grudge
46. Re purpose my old dresser
47. Make my own duvet cover
48. Start collecting old frames
49. Invest in an original work of art
50. Drink 8oz. of water everyday for 1 month
51. Start buying/collecting old books
52. Take on my first interior design client
53. Have my blog featured by a well known publication
54. Do something with the rock and mineral kit from my GEO class I had to take and no one wants to buy
55. Invest in vintage tableware
56. Take a cooking lesson
57. Have my first apartment/big girl home
58. Define my style/aesthetic in exact words
59. Inspire someone else to do 101 in 1001
60. Have my first apartment/big girl home featured in a blog/publication
61. Recover/paint my desk chair
62. Create a nightstand from a collection of vintage suitcases
63. Go white water rafting
64. Buy a pair of Tom's shoes
65. Make a sentimental shadowbox
66. Visit the Eastern coast of NC (Outer Banks area)
67. Buy pretty and frilly and excessively feminine undergarments (for my eyes only) because the nude granny bra doesn't exactly make me feel like a woman
68. Don't wear pants for 14 days (as in only wear skirts/dresses)
69. Do my leg exercises (that I hate doing and the Dr. yells at me for not doing) for 30 days (for my tight hamstrings)
70. Buy a special piece of jewelry for myself to celebrate me and finally being a big girl
71. Visit NYC again
72. Visit a state I have never been to
73. Write a ridiculous fan mail letter to a celebrity (because I deprived myself of this during my youth)
74. Dress to the 9's for something mundane
75. Design my own shirt
76. Draw/paint a series of teacups for my site/store
77. Completely bedazzle a pair of shoes
78. Take a train somewhere
79. Wake up everyday at 7 for 30 days to run
80. Purchase something peculiar/quirky for my future home
81. Plant a garden
82. Spend an entire day cooking treats for others
83. Host a themed party that is non holiday related
84. Go wine tasting at a vineyard
85. Buy a vintage light (chandelier, pendant, etc.)
86. Design a custom something (furniture, stationary, fabric, etc.)
87. Tie up all business start-up loose ends
88. Start sending extended family birthday and Christmas cards
89. Compile a spreadsheet calendar of family/friends birthdays and celebratory events so I never forget
90. Pay for someone else's meal behind me in a drive through
91. Plant a gardenia, hydrangea, crepe myrtle, peony, tea rose, and dahlia (of course!) at my big girl home
92. Learn to upholster furniture
93. Decide on a specific charity platform I can consistently support
94. Cook a meal for hospice at the local hospital
95. Participate in another Habitat for Humanity home
96. Ruthlessly clean out closet and donate excess getting rid of anything I haven't worn in the past 2 years
97. Wear the same articles of clothing for 2 weeks and document new looks and combinations
98. Make a wind chime
99. Create an elaborate beaded bib necklace on my own
100. Invest in a water feature (small or large, bird fountain, waterfall, etc.)
101. Share my faith and testimony on a public platform

 Start yours {here}
Calculate your start and end date {here}
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